Budapest Open: meeting report

Excellent results at the Budapest Open!

And a Slovakian women's 400m Hurdles national record for Emma Zapletalova !


The men's hammer throw won the Super League number with a 78.56-meter throw by Bence Halász.

We arrived at the second great stage of recovery from the precarious competitive situation of recent weeks and months on the first weekend of August. In the last competition of the preparation period for the national adult championship, at the Budapest OPEN organized by the Budapest Athletics Association, we could see several international fields. Unfortunately, the various travel restrictions prevented the start of several, but despite this, a good number of Croatian and Slovak athletes were represented, but also a competitor from Denmark. Within the framework of this competition, the Budapest Championship was also held.

Bence Halász is still in excellent shape!

In the Super League number of the men's hammer throw, the Athlete of the Dobó SE finished in first place with a throw of 78.56 meters. The number's 2012 Olympic champion Krisztián Pars performed stably above 70 meters. He finished second with his best of 73.47 meters this year. The ladies' hammer throw was won by Réka Gyurátz, who secured her first place with a 68.18-meter result thrown in the 6th series.
Norbert Rivasz-Tóth dominated the men's javelin thrower with confidence, with a result of over 80 meters thrown in the first series, and then won.

At the opening of the first act of the two-day race, Luca Kozák confidently won 12.90 seconds in the preliminary run of the 100-meter hurdles, which approached later by 1 hundredth of a second later in the final of the track, so the winner's time was 12.91.

The number of men was shorter hurdler Balazs Baji Szucs Valda and a few battle. In the preliminary race, the Zalaegerszeg competitor proved to be one tenth of a second better than the excellence of the Budapest Honvéd with a time of 13.68. In the final, they both could improve their profit, so this year's best of 13.63 to Valdo modified Szucs, and 13.71 from Balazs Baji hurdles 110 meters.

The most exciting competition of last week’s composite national championship continued this weekend at Ikarus. This time, Xénia Krizsán and Rita Nemes compared her readiness in the Super Three women's trio. In the first issue of her "triad" of high jump, javelin throw and 200-meter flat run, Nemes Rita completed 175 centimeters, while Krizsán Xénia completed 172. Krizsán overcame the DVTK competitor’s 37-point lead during the javelin throw, then gained an additional 26-point lead with a 49.75-meter throw. However, Nemes Rita, who ran an excellent individual peak of 24.71 at 200 meters / 2621 points / proved to be 8 points better at the final than MTK's excellence, which already has an Olympic level / 2613 points /.

It seems we can’t miss a race weekend without being able to report female long jumpers in more than just superlatives. In the ladies open long jump competition, both Petra Farkas and Diana Lesti jumped in the second group, who have delighted the audience several times in recent weeks with their great results. In the sixth round, the long-distance jumper of Tatabánya was able to approach his leading Budapest rival by 1 centimeter by 647, but as a winner he improved his best to 659 centimeters, thus triumphing. István Virovecz, who returns this year, won the men's long jump competition with a result of 789 centimeters.

Another Hungarian runner managed to get under 21 seconds in a 200-meter flat race. Tamás Máté, the FTC rider, started in the first race of the order, where he took the lead both in the race and in this year's Hungarian rankings with his 20.86 second result. In the women's race of the same distance, his club partner Jusztina Csóti won with a time of 24.41 seconds.

The ARAK sprinter Dániel Szabó won the 100-meter men's cross-country race with a time of 10.43 seconds. Behind him, Haufe Rajmund from the FTC fought a fierce battle, as did Bálint Szeles, who excelled brilliantly last week, the former finishing with 10.62, while the latter with 10.64.

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