19 meetings, 12 countries

One new country (Croatia) and 3 new meetings.

Alltogether, the 2021 meeting program is composed by 19 meetings in 12 countries.

Because of the Covid situation, 2-3 new meetings preferred to skip this year "entry". They will apply in one year, at the Palafrugell (ESP) 31st Convention, for the for 2022 season.

And still for the Coronavirus, our 2 indoor meetings, 2 indoor metings (Kuldiga / LAT and Amsterdam/ NED) had to be cancelled.

Nevertheless, the 3 new meetings are:
  • Codroipo (ITA) based on a 3-days event (3, 10-111 July),
  • Krapanj (CRO) on Tuesday 3 August and
  • Zadar (CRO) on Thursday 16 or Thursday 23 September. The date will be confirmed within a few days.
A) Concerning Codroipo (ITA), their XVth Alpe Adria Athletic League, will take place at Stadium of Codroipo and San Vito al Tagliamento (Polve Vault only). But a special Pole Vault event will take place one week earlier in the splendid area of Villa manin.
1) Saturday 3 July : PRE-MEETING
at the beautiful Villa Manin di Passariano (at the residence of the Doge of Venice !)
  • At this occasion, there will also be the retirement of the FISPES NATIONAL TEAM (paralimpics athletes), from 8 to 11 July
  • And OPEN AIR CINEMA, with a movie on athletics (date to be defined)

2) Saturday 10 July: MEETING DAY 1
Codroipo: main meeting (except sprints)

3) Sunday 11 July : MEETING DAY 2
San Vito al Tagliamento (8km from Codroipo): sprints

B) Concernin Krapanj island (CRO) "Krapanj HighJump Challenge 2021 consists in an High Jump contest.

The competition will be held near the port.

Note that Krapanj is the lowest island in the world with a summit at 2.5m above sea level!


C) Concerning Zadar (CRO) "Zadar SepT&Fest 2021" will include:

  • Croatian Regional Leagues Match (U17 and younger)
  • Zadar University Games T&F Match (EU-Conexus university network students)
  • EAP Meeting (open international access), with the High Jump, invitational, 2 days before, outside the track (exact place to be defined.

And this will be the occasion to take part in the "Zadar AthleTech 2021", a AthleTech Fair & Conference (by Zadar University, EA and W3C), plus the Summer school on T&F Competition Management and Promotion (by Zadar University, EAP, OpenTrack & TrackMeetingsInfo).

Women events:

  • 100m , 200m, 100mH, 400m, 400mH, 800m, 1500m, Triple jump, Shot put , High jump* invitation

Men events:

  • 100m , 200m, 110mH, 400m, 400mH, 800m, 3000m, Long jump, Shot put, High jump* invitation


Enjoy the EAP meeting season !






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