Core Values

"true athletics, true people, true performances"

We do what we love and we believe in what we do, the way we do it.

This is why we encourage :

  1. Fair competitions, based on true performances;
  2. Only athletes who declare not to be doped and who do not resort to other subterfuges, of any type, to improve their own performances or their own ranking are allowed to particpate;
  3. Welcome the most deserving athletes from all countries and regions to compete with local and regional athletes;
  4. Give the same chances to local and regional athletes as to top-level and world-class athletes: same accommodation, same treatment;
  5. Promote a simpler and priority participation (based on the EAP internal entry standards) to EAP member athletes and contribute with transportation and accommodation, following the EAP Travel Reimbursements, described in the Standards & Regulations (art. 52)

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Extract from the Standards & Regulations (Art. 03)

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