"we do believe that the main objective is to develop the athletic movement,
by passionate but independent men on the field"

Extract from the Standards & Regulations (Art. 04)


Background (where we come from):

When the EAP circuit was created in 1990, its founders (Noël Levêque, Giorgio Ferrando and Pablo Cassina) firmly believed they should encourage the particiption of "the most committed" local athletes into international meets around Europe.
The simply fact to give them this opportunity and privilledge, would boost their motivation.
Immediately these athletes started to travel to as much meets as possible, visiting Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the Luxemburg, Mallorca, London ...

At this period there were :

  • no low cost flights (but travel by car or mini-vans, sometimes during days or even weeks !),
  • no mobile phones (but letters and then facsimiles),
  • no single currency (but a different currney in every country),
  • no internet, no websites, no social media (but flyers, pamphlets and invitations by post and physical presence and talks),
  • no digital camera (but manual reflex camera with 24 or 32 poses per film),
  • no online bookings  (but travel agencies to book each flights),
  • no Schengen agreements on free movements of the persons (but 2-3 months to maybe get a visa),
  • no (or very limited) foreign TV channels (but national TVs),
  • no (or very limited) computers and softwares to manage the athletes' registrations (but paper and pencils and copiers)
  • no globalisation in food, currency, culture, industry and crafts, customs and traditions,  ... (but real differences and behaviours in each country)

Rapidly our circuit grew and athletes were enthousiastic and interested to the idea to participate in other countries where they would find strong foreign competitors (and already thinking to going back the next year) and the incredible opportunity to travel around several countries and discover all the differences. New meets joined our circuit and new athletes where more and more excited to participate in new countries. And so they did, year after year, involving more and more people. This incredible success was seen, and still is, with some misunderstanding, suspicion, sometimes jealousy. Because our meets go out of the usual patterns and do not rely on the economic strength to attract top-level athletes. On the contrary.

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