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  • President (2019->) : Mr Pablo Cassina (SWI) -> president(@)
  • Steering & Executive Committee : SEC composed by the founders of the circuit: Mr Giorgio Ferrando (ITA), Mr Pablo Cassina (SWI), Mrs Micheline Smeets * (BEL) and Mr Josep Massa (first historical member after the founders) -> sec(@)
    *) Mr Noël Levêque (now retired) is no longer in the SEC committee and is replaced by Mrs Micheline Smeets (Nivelles). Mr Levêque reports directly to Mr Pablo Cassina.
  • Treasurer:
 Mr Marco Colavitti (ITA) -> treasurer(@)
  • General Secretary (2023->) : Mr Pablo Cassina (SWI) -> pablo(@)
  • Organising & Council Commission (2020-2021): OCC
 : Mr Giorgio Ferrando (Celle Ligure 2022-2023), Mr Nuccio Leonardi (Catania 2023-2024), vacant (2023-2025)-> occ(@)
  • Quality and Meeting Program : head of QMP is Mrs Tímea Téglássy (Budapest 2020->) -> qmp(@)
  • Code of Conduct : head of CofC and I Run Clean® certification program is Mr Norman Saliba (Malta 2020 ->) -> cofc(@)
  • Statistician: Mr Josep Massa (ESP) -> stats(@)
  • Honorary life President: 
Mr Noël Levêque
 (former and first EAP president, 28 years, from 1990 to 2018). -> noel(@)
  • Sponsoring: sponsoring(@)

Bank References :

The new Bank account references of the EAP European Athletics Promotion will be communicated before summer 2023.

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