Biella: future champs on track !

Go to Biella !

Prodigious efforts, for months, have been made to ensure health security and respect the frequently changing instructions. In addition, the authorization to organise was given late, but now everything is ready and the organisers are expecting a great participation of young athletes, young talents!
Regarding the participation of athletes from other regions and coming from other countries, the restrictions that the governements impose on each other, including where applicable quarantine, are to be considered.
But the Biella meeting "Il Gomitolo di lana" is here, and awaits many of you for a great event in the most beautiful spirit of sport.
The meeting is historical dedicated to the youth athletes. It's our "talent factory", the event and the place where young athletes realize they love athletics because of the particular atmosphere.
The scale and European dimension of this event, the close contact with athletes who are already well known in their region, mean that we are going to discover some pearls of the athletics of tomorrow.
The motivation, specially among young athletes, depends from those factors and putting athletes together in an official international competition, for sure, creates  a solid base for their career.
Come to support our future champions !
Nevertheless, if the meet is dedicated to the youth, the organiser have also some events for all categories (see list below):
  • Men's U14: 300m
  • Women's U14 : 300m
  • Men's U16 : 300m, 1000m, Long Jump
  • Women's U16 : 300m, 1000m, Long Jump
  • Women's U23 and up to Master 99 years : 100m, 200m, 400m, 1500m
  • Men's U23 and up to Master 99 years : 100m, 200m, 400m, 1500m
-> Complete details and information on the EAP event's page and on the dedicated page
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