Budapest Open 2020: new date to be fixed

Budapest, March 30th, 2020

Message received from the meet organizers of Budapst Open in which, due to Coronavirus, the meet is postponed and a new date is to be found for late summer.


Dear EAP Members, dear friends,

Today is the day that I have to inform you about our meeting. Due to the well known circumstances I cannot provide good news. We still don't know what happens around 30th May.

We would now have to deal with the organization of the meeting on a daily basis, but as we cannot foresee what's going to happen, we have to stop.

I think these are hard times for everyone, the uncertainty is still worse than a "no".

But we didn't stop thinking! We have plans and are looking for possibilities at a later date. I will let you know about this as soon as possible. I hope that we will soon recover this period ant continue our work with new plans and new objectives.

Let's not give up! I wish you all good health. Take care of yourself and each other.

Best regards,

Timea Téglássy and László Sátor


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