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A lot of preparation work for the organisers of Castiglione, who, less than two weeks before the event can afford and boast of having stopped the registrations ten days in advance, so the athletes rushed to this meeting .
An effort therefore fully rewarded and which gives the opportunity to contemplate with serenity the last days of preparations (and the covid does not facilitate the task) in a dozen days. It is in any case a great satisfaction for the organizers and the EAP and we hope that on the track, the results will be up to the expectations of the athletes, most of whom are on the hunt for qualifying in Tokyo.

Source (translated from talian:  (4 MAY, 2021.)

A cast with a strong international footprint.

And many "azzurri" ready to do battle. A little over two weeks from May 19, the organisers of the City Meeting of Castiglione della Pescaia have announced the first names of the athletes who will participate in the eleventh edition of the event, broadcast live on

Spotlight on the 100-meter track of the Angela Belli stadium where two world-famous sprinters are expected, both from the Ivory Coast: the world bronze of the 100 meters Marie-Josée Ta Lou, third in Doha in the 2019 and already silver medal at the London 2017 World Championships in the 100 and 200 meters, while in the men's the star of the fastest race will be Arthur Cissé, a sprinter who boasts a personal best of 9.93.

In Castiglione, 32-year-old Ivorian sprinter Ta Lou will double the effort, running both distances (100 and 200), in preparation for the Wanda Diamond League and Tokyo Olympics meetings. In the maximum international circuit you have triumphed eight times, including in Rome in 2018, conquering the 200 meters. To challenge it will be one of the blue who thrilled Chorzow with the victory in the World Relays: Irene Siragusa (Esercito) after the world joy with the 4x100 relay also focuses on the individual test and returns to the track that saw her winner in the editions of the 2018 and 2019. At the start of the 100 and 200 also the twenty year old Nigerian Nzubechi Grace Nwokocha, fresh from 11.09 and 22.79, the Filipina Kristina Marie Knott (11.27-23.01) and in the fastest test the other blue relay runner Chiara Melon (Atl . Brescia 1950 Metallurgica San Marco). Among the men, in addition to Cissé, the challenge comes on thanks to Clarence Munyai, third relay runner of the South African 4x100m, first classified at the World Relays ahead of Italy. With the amazing 19.69 of 2018 he is the eleventh man of every era on the half lap of the track. Also noteworthy is the Iranian from 10.03 Hassan Taftian, the Kenyan Mark Otieno Odhiambo just down to 10.11, the same time as the Nigerian Seye Ogunlewe, and in an Italian key Nicholas Artuso (Fiamme Gialle).

One of the most eagerly awaited competitions is that of the women's 400 meters. It is here that two of the most interesting prospects of the entire world panorama can be admired: the meeting director Elisabetta Artuso has announced the presence of the 17-year-old Namibian Christine Mboma (18 to turn on May 22), new record holder of the junior world of the 400M in thanks to the sensational 49.22 in Windhoek in April, obtained a few days after the 49.24 in Lusaka (Zambia) with which he had already passed Grit Breuer's 49.44 in Tokyo 1991 after thirty years. With Mboma, compatriot Beatrice Masilingi will also compete , in turn from 2003, capable of an equally sensational 49.53. Very young, they have never competed outside the African continent yet and they open up to the world to check their chances of an Olympic medal in Tokyo. Third "uncomfortable" is Marileidy Paulino, already 50.31 in the season and third classified at the World Relays with the mixed 4x400 of the Dominican Republic. In Italy, lanes for Virginia Troiani (Cus Pro Patria Milano) and Anna Polinari (Atl. Brescia 1950 Metallurgica San Marco) while among the men there are the blues of the 4x400 Brayan Lopez (Athletic Club 96 Alperia) and Mattia Casarico (Cus Pro Patria Milano) who will find the Portuguese Ricardo Dos Santos and the French Thomas Jordier and Mame-Ibra Anne. Obstacles (100hs) with Linda Guizzetti (Cus Pro Patria Milan) and Giulia Latini (Carabinieri) to the assault of the American from 12.78 Evonne Britton. In the coming weeks, the full cast of the event will be unveiled, by Atletica Castiglionese, and in particular a rich program in middle distance.


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