Catania opens the door to the EAP season

Sicily World: EAP season opener on 24 April 2021

The organisers of the meeting in Catania, the multisport university club of CUS Catania whose head of the athletics section is Sebastiano "Nuccio" Leonardi, (recently appointed temporary vice-president of the Sicilian regional federation (Fidal Sicilia)), were right to want to maintain this event in these troubled times !

The interest at the start of the season is palpable. The athletes have only one desire, for all these months of competition restrictions: to find the taste for competition as quickly as possible.

Of course, the number of foreign countries represented cannot be high because some countries do not yet allow travel, but despite everything, the meeting will indeed be international and, thanks to the EAP circuit, several languages ​​will be spoken around the Cittadella stadium of Catania.

The organisers expect a strong local participation, with quality athletes from all over the Sicilian island, but also a very strong delegation from the neighboring island of Malta and even, from very far away, from the Polynesian Samoa Island, on the South Pacific Ocean !

We are happy to be able to start this 2021 season as planned and even to offer good competition conditions.

We hope this bodes well for the following meetings in Castiglione della Pescaia (May 19), then Budapest (May 22) and the newcomer to the EAP Vittorio-Veneto circuit (June 9).

Visit the event's page for more details

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