Celle Ligure: Meeting Arcobaleno cancelled

May, 20, 2020. We must count among the meetings canceled in the 2020 season, also that of Celle Ligure.
Thus the meetings definitively canceled rise to 13 (out of 15).
Although still with little hope, two meetings for the moment still appear on our calendar. This is the Budapest Open meeting, which has already moved to August 1st (tentative date) and the youth meeting (EAP Future) in Biella, "Il Gomitolo di lana"  which also moved to August 22nd.

World Athletics had blocked a date for all national championships, setting it at 6-7 August, but news from Switzerland is already being received, for example, to inform of the cancellation of these championships this year. Other countries are likely to be forced to follow this trend and that this 2020 is, if not a completely white season, at least an abnormal season.

As regards EAP 2020, a major restructuring of the Standards & Regulations as well as the new meeting categories and evaluation criteria is underway. At the annual congress in November, in addition to celebrating the 30th anniversary of the circuit, which will be held in Geneva, we will debate and adopt these new regulations.

I take this opportunity to relaunch the appeal to meetings and organizations to apply to be part of the EAP 2021 circuit, always and however in the name of the principles that are summarized in #TrueAthletics and "the Athletics we are proud of".

Here below, the release receveid on 20th May by the Meet director of Celle Ligure, Mr Giorgio Ferrando, also EAP co-founder and vice-president.


Pablo Cassina
EAP President


Celle Ligure, announce received on May 20th, 2020, translated version from Italian:

Dear EAP Friends

we hoped and thought to the last moment ... But ... a further detailed analysis of the various organizational aspects related to the possibility of carrying out the 32nd edition of the Arcobaleno AtleticaEuropa Meeting (scheduled for Tuesday, July 21, 2020), led to decide to definitively CANCEL the event for the year 2020.

We hope there are the foundations, forces and resources to return to re-propose the demonstration in 2021.

For now, for today, a bit of sadness but the awareness of having made the best choice based on the situation which unfortunately remains very worrying in every country.

A big hug to everyone

See you, hope to see you soon!
Giorgio (Gife) Ferrando


Original version (Italian).

Cari Amici dell'EAP

ci abbiamo sperato e pensato sino all'ultimo istante... Ma... una ulteriore approfondita analisi dettagliata dei vari aspetti organizzativi legati alla possibilità di effettuare la 32a edizione del Meeting Arcobaleno AtleticaEuropa (in calendario per Martedì 21 Luglio 2020), ci hanno portato a decidere di ANNULLARE definitivamente la manifestazione per l'anno 2020.

Auspichiamo ci siano le basi, le forze e le risorse per tornare a riproporre la manifestazione nel 2021.

Per ora, per oggi, un pò di tristezza ma la consapevolezza di aver fatto la scelta migliore sulla base della situazione che permane purtroppo molto preoccupante in ogni Paese.

Un forte abbraccio a tutte e tutti

Arrivederci, speriamo a presto!
Giorgio (Gife) Ferrando

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