Codroipo: results 2022


The meeting
Now in its sixteenth edition, it is part of the European Athletics Promotions, a European meeting circuit present in 10 countries. Also for this reason the event will be able to boast the logo of the Department for Sport - Presidency of the Council of Ministers, an honor that is reserved for a few. This year the event will take place over two days, the first at the Polisportivo di San Vito al Tagliamento and the second at the Polisportivo di Codroipo. Since the beginning of March, registration requests have been collected from European and non-European athletes. We expect the presence of at least athletes from 12 nations from 3 continents. The quality of the competitions continues to grow and places ASD Atletica 2000 as one of the most important national realities in the organization of events.

Paralympic athletes
The international meeting is open for some disciplines, even to athletes of the Paralympic federation. There will be national FISpes blind, visually impaired and amputees. Sport, specifically athletics, allows you to overcome barriers by marking strong ties between athletes regardless of nation, social background or disability. There will also be space for the competitions of our young athletes because, characteristic of our events, the party must belong to everyone

ASD Atletica 2000 has acquired the regional role of development of Paralympic Athletics and Center of Athletics Masters (athletes over 35 years old). We are expanding the base of our members more and more, now reaching 500 of which 270 minors. We are also thinking about the vast area or to create a collaboration between associations and municipalities that include the Middle Friuli and that go as far as Lignano. Sport is an important link that crosses more and more tourist-cultural and partly health aspects. Our territory can grow in this sector and we would like to be protagonists by making it an integral part.

Plant engineering
To present and future administrators we launch the challenge. In collaboration with the Municipality of Rivignano-Teor, the athletics facility is being redesigned, we would like to do the same with the Codroipo administration with the addition of a palaindoor that would allow our athletes, but also schools and the military to use of a complete plant.

Years of work creates the basis for bringing out talents. With certainty we can boast of having launched Sintayehu Vissa at the top of the Italian and, we hope, international middle distance. The athlete is one of the best university middle-distance runners in the USA, she has the best time on 800 meters in Italy and we hope this is just the beginning. Another flagship is the pole vaulting school. For all these things Atletica 2000 invests heavily in technicians and equipment.


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