Main contacts :

    1. President (2019->): Mr Pablo Cassina
    2. Internal Control Commission : ICC
      composed by the founders of the circuit: Mr Giorgio Ferrando  and Mr Pablo Cassina plus Mr Josep Massa (first member after the founders) and Mr Christian Halloy (treasurer).
      Mr Noël Levêque (now retired) is no longer in the ICC commission and is replaced by Micheline Smeets (Nivelles).
    3. Executive Commission (2018-2019)Exec
      composed by the organizers of the previous (2018) and the next (2019) EAP Convention: Tatiana Fernandes (Leiria), Nicolas Doumeng (Valence), plus the ICC members.
    4. Treasurer:
      Mr Christian Halloy
    5. Honorary President:
      Mr Noël Levêque
      (former and first EAP president from 1990 to 2018)

Bank account references :

EAP Europe Athlétisme Promotion
Chaussée de Dinant
M. Christian Halloy
BEL - 5000 NAMUR
IBAN : BE 600355 7847 2170


Contact Info

The EAP circuit can be joined by mail, contacting the Internal Control Commission.