Happy Easter !

Nothing is not as usual, except ... the Easter bunny (in our sport it is definitely a rabbit !) passing so that we can keep in shape (very important) with the egg hunt!

The lucky ones among you are in training camp right now and going to the sun, while the others are content with a training camp .. at home.

In any case, we see on social networks the thrill of each athlete, continuing his preparation in the gyms, clearing hurdles, making steps and jumps,  throwing and throwing, running long over paths and improving their condition, speed and stamina, giving more than everyrhing through circuits and interval trainings. Some pictures and the end of them are quite eloquent ..!

This is a crucial period of preparation for the rest of the season which, for some, will be marked (finally!) By the Olympic Games in Tokyo. But today everything is possible, and everyone's ambitions are legitimate. Don't give up !

But in these few days of Easter "holyday", allow yourself some sweet moments.

Happy Easter to all and see you on the EAP circuit meeting tracks!

  1. April 24 Catania
  2. May 19 Castiglione della Pescaia
  3. May 22 Budapest
  4. June 09 Vittorio Veneto
  5. June 12 Geneva
  6. June 19 Nivelles
  7. June 26-27 Hexham
  8. June 26 Biella
  9. July 03 Loughborough
  10. July 04 +10+ 11 Codroipo
  11. July 17 Malta
  12. July 22 Celle Ligure
  13. August 02 Krapanj
  14. September 10 Belfast
  15. September 18 Palafrugell
  16. September 21+21+22 Zadar

  1. January 15 2022 Kuldiga
  2. January 22 2022 Amsterdam
  3. ? 2022 Valence
  4. ? 2022 Namur


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