Happy New Year 2023

Bye-bye 2022: welcome 2023!

On behalf of our 17 EAP meetings, we are happy to join you in ushering in the new year.
We have a lot of projects, novelties to make you discover throughout this new year and we are very enthusiastic.

We cannot however overflow only with joy and optimism but we hope that 2023 will see the return to peace in the world and to a real awareness of the difficulties of the democratic, climatic and health process.
Sport is a micro-cosm which, in compliance with its rules, allows everyone to give the best of themselves, to create relationships, to accept joys and disappointments and this in a context of high competitiveness: in this meaning is an instrument of peace.

That the practice of sport can inspire those who flout essential rights and allow themselves to commit atrocities in the most total disrespect of international law and the convention of human rights.


Happy New Year to all !

Pablo Cassina

EAP President

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