Shoe Rules and Declarations (World Athletics)

May, 4th, 2021

The EAP IS very concerned by respecting the rules in order to offer the most fair play competitions possible. We do not tolerate injustices due to cheating, whether through the use of doping products or technological means that increase energy tenfold, and therefore performance.
A regulation on "technological" shoes seems essential to us to avoid abuses and it is for which we share these few points stated by World Athletics today.

Source: World Athletics (Mrs Jane Boulter-Davies)

Compliance with Rule 5 of the Technical Rules and process for checking shoes for the outdoor season for track and field events

  1. All athletes participating in National, Area or International level competitions (both senior and U20) which are declared as being conducted according to World Athletics Rules, and whose results are to be considered as valid by World Athletics for all intents and purposes (statistics, entry standards, world rankings, records, etc.), must wear shoes that appear on the approved list published on our website ( unless the athletes' shoes are from pre-1 January 2016 which are deemed to have been approved.
  2. Whenever the competition is declared as being conducted according to World Athletics Rules, all organisers are to notify all participating athletes that Rule 5 of the Technical Rules apply and wearing non-approved shoes will mean that competition results will not be valid (i.e.' UNC TR5.5 Uncertified’) and that spot checks may still be conducted.
  3. In case organisers wish to allow specific events within the competition and / or athletes within a specific event, not to comply with the Rule (i.e. allow them to wear non-compliant shoes), then the results of those events or athletes must be clearly listed separately and their performances will not be considered legal by World Athletics.
  4. If a World Record is achieved, then competition organisers are to arrange, and athletes must expect, that the Referee collects the relevant shoe after the competition for further investigation. Please note, if further investigation is needed, it will mean the shoe is sent to our expert in Stockholm, Sweden (address below) and may require the shoe to be cut up (an example of the Athlete’s Shoe Receipt Form is available on the website in the same section as the approved list). Athletes must be notified of this possibility and where they are facing a tight competition schedule to ensure they have sufficient shoes to continue with their schedule.
  5. Where a shoe is collected by the Referee then the address to send shoes to with a copy of the event name, athletes names of each shoe is:
    The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH
    Pr Toni Arndt
    Lidingövägen 1
    Box 5626
    SE-114 86 Stockholm, SWEDEN
    Switchboard +46 8 120 537 00
  6. Please note that development shoes may be used in accordance with the December 2020 amendment of TR5. World Athletics will send the competition organiser a QR code received from the manufacturer, which links to a form showing the athlete’s name, the shoe model and the competition date and place. In principle, the athlete should also have the QR code. The shoe is on the approved list (in blue highlight) but in addition, the Referee needs to make sure that it is really the athlete in the form that is using it, not someone else. So, this approval is specific to the athlete at the designated competition in the form.
  7. Whilst we encourage the use of the template shoe declaration form to assist with pre-competition checks of shoes this is not compulsory given other COVID-19 requirements and protocols that we understand event organisers are already having a significant administrative burden placed on them from. If used, then a copy of the shoe declaration form is available on the same section as the approved list. Download the list (as of 30 April 2021) of Shoe Approved by World Athletics.
  8. Please note that for the World Athletics Series Events and Olympic Games, World Athletics will require all athletes to declare their shoes in advance via their Member Federations and submitted to World Athletics directly. Further information and instructions from World Athletics will follow separately.

If there is any doubt about the status of a shoe please email

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