The 30th Convention setting a new milestone in its history

The EAP circuit seduces with its principles and proves it by attracting three new enthusiastic meetings, while also establishing itself in Croatia.
The work that the circuit has carried out in depth are reforms that were announced long ago, since Project 2020 was first presented in 2016, at the Amsterdam Convention by Pablo Cassina.
After 4 years reflexions, the 30th eConvention of Geneva can already be considered as a milestone in the EAP history.
The complete update of our Standard & Regulations that counts now 3 more chapters and 12 new articles.

Inspirational and confident speech by Mr. Seiler, President of Swiss Athletics

Mr Christoph Seiler, President of Swiss Athletics, honoured the eConvention by his (virtual) presence and of whose speech was particularly appreciated.
On behalf of Swiss Athletics, Mr Seiler congratulated the EAP for its work. He continued saying that he is pretty much convinced that in the near future, international meetings like the ones of the EAP will become even more important, specially for young athletes. (...) Please continue your work : it will pay off ! (...)
We need you, our athletes need you and we need your events even more than ever before !
At the 30th eConvention, the EAP president, went through all the articles of the new proposed Standards & Regulations explaining what has been changed and what has been introduced and why.
All the members showed great interest throughout the very long day and rich and constructive exchanges of discussion showed how there was perfect identification with the principles and the proposed reforms.

The EAP is growing and expanding

Three meetings presented their candidature. By their quality and the serious of their applications, they were unanimously welcomed in the EAP family.
We're glad to to have:
- Codroipo (IT), Meeting Città di Codroipo (+ Para Athletics)
- Zadar (CRO): Zadar SepT&Fest 2021
- Krapanj (CRO): High Jump Challenge


The organisational structure of the EAP was also passed in review. The relationship and the workflow between the governance, the commission and its members, and the role of the Convention, was detailed.

New commissions

One of the key points of the new structure is the Permanent Core Commission.

  • The appointment of Mrs. Tímea Téglássy (Budapest), ​​in charge of the Quality Meetings Program (QMP) and meeting evaluation
  • Our adherence to the certification system of the "I run Clean" program with the subsequent appointment of Mr. Norman Saliba (Malta) in charge of this program, as well as that of the Code of Conduct

The Organising and Council Commission, was joined by Mr Richard Hunter (Hexham) whose advisory role will be to feed the "EAP Think Tank" with new ideas and projects.

Great consensus aroused the presentation of of the advanced worldwide meeting search system ( in which the EAP proudly participated in the definition of many features.

EAP Summer Camp

Next summer, EAP members will participate in an altitude training camp. This will take place at the end of July in Livigno and will gather some 100 participants from all part of Europe.

New logo

The new logo was also presented and will progressively change all the communication.
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