Villa Manin: results 2022


The second edition of the pole vault in Villa Manin - Villa Manin Pole Vault will remain etched in the eyes and minds of the many present and those who will be able to admire the photos and videos for a long time. We borrow the words of the new mayor Guido Nardini who brought the greetings from the Codroipo administration: "I am fascinated by how this event was set up for several reasons. The first is the context, an international pole vaulting event embraced by the Villa Manin, inside the courtyard of honor, would give shivers to anyone who enters here at this moment. The second is the quality of the athletes from different regions of Italy but also from abroad and the third reason is that you have been able to combine all this with activities for children and families ".

Specifically, we hosted athletes from seven Italian regions, but also from Slovenia, Croatia, Holland and even the United States. In addition, during the event, fifty children were able to play Just jump, a playful approach to pole vaulting, while older colleagues battled on the platform mounted in the morning.

The athletes who distinguished themselves were the Slovenian Robert Renner, former Under 18 world champion, European under 23 champion, and the two Americans Nate Richartz and Tray Oates, capable of measurements close to 5.80 meters. The races started at 3.00 pm and ended at 11.30 pm with a break caused by a downpour that refreshed the air. The Top athletes' race was won by the American Nate Richartz with the measure of 5.45 meters, followed by Tray Oates and in third place, with the measure of 5.15, Robert Renner. Among the women the victory went to Rebecca De Martin from Pordenone followed by Wijnmaalen Marijke. The duel between two young promises (sixteen years old!) Of Italian athletics, the Paduan Mattia Beda and the Sardinian Andrea Demontis, won the first with the measure of 4.80 meters.

Present at the awards ceremony, in addition to the mayor already mentioned, Mario Gasparetto for CONI FVG, Massimo di Giorgio president of the Regional Athletics Federation and the provincial president Massimo Patriarca.

The event also had a social impact as it supported the FMS onlus, an association that funds research against blood diseases.

The event was made possible thanks to the availability of Erpac FVG, the Municipality of Codroipo, the financing of the Department for Sport of the Council of Ministers, the FVG Region, Unpli FVG, the Padova auction Group and a series of sponsors. who have long supported Atletica 2000:

Eidos Works, F.lli Morettti Sas, Neziosi Furniture, Prima Cassa Credito cooperativo FVG, Giorgio Iacuzzo gomme, Penta energie, Nexen Tire, Servizi Italia

Thanks also to the GGG of the FVG for their availability and professionalism

Atletica 2000 invites all children and young people to try athletics, a sport for everyone.

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