Women, our heroes

March, 8, 2022

What was this day of March 8, which is coming to an end in a short time?

For some women, it was a day of celebration and tender little words, smiles, candlelit suppers, special attentions, surprises and gifts, roses and perfumes, declarations and promises...
Unforgettable moments of joy.

But some other women would have preferred to forget this day because their existence has been abused. Sometimes their lives as you read these lines are in jeopardy.

It is difficult for me today to see only the sparkles and splendours of a delicately scented day, please excuse me..

Allow me therefore to ask you for a moment of silence to pay homage to them and to thank them.

May the smiles of youth, the exploits of our sportswomen announce to us a respectful and loyal world.

Thanks to the women for their strength and dignity : you are our heroes !

Happy Women's day, all over the world.

Pablo Cassina
EAP President

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