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Are members of the EAP :

Meet organizers are admitted by the EAP Annual Convention.

The organizer of an EAP meet or an EAP field event is an organizing structure in accordance with the IAAF Technical information related to the organisation of competitions officially recognized and admitted by its national federation.

This organizing structure can be:

  • A track & field club
  • An association whose goals are the organization of a track meet or a field event
  • A regional track and field association
  • A national track & field federation

An organizer can not be a single person or a simple group of passionate.

Who represents the EAP meet organizer ?

The EAP organizer has to present the minimum Comittee structure:

  • President of the meet organization
  • Meet director – Athlete liason officer
  • Treasurer of the meet organization

The committe of the meet organization, names an EAP delegate and, ideally also a second or event a third person.

This person, the EAP delegate, represents the meet Organizing committe and is the EAP main contact person.

His / her presence is mandatory at the Annual Convention which usually takes place in November.

All members must be in order of payment of the annual membership fee.

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