No indoor meetings in 2022

The 2022 pandemic situation is affecting the EAP indoor program.

January 13, 2022

Despite the good auspices formulated for this new year and all the fingers crossed that we have been able to do ... we must face the facts. This pandemic is not yet under control and it forces us to respect always strict rules.

In the past two years, we have all learned, not without difficulty and reluctance, new social behaviors. As sport unites, the pandemic forces us to distance ourselves.
But, paradoxically, it is to find, as soon as possible, our hugs, our handshakes, in short, the conviviality that characterizes our sociality.

So, while awaiting the progress of vaccination campaigns and group immunities, we remain confident and optimistic that the summer season can unfold, as much as possible, according to our good habits and without fear.

The indoor season is therefore characterized by the cancellations of the:

Kuldīgas Katrīnas kauss / LAT on January 15 and the
indoor Amsterdam / NED on January 29.

It is sad both for our organizers who have tried to maintain their competition and for the athletes who will have to look for other competitions. But we also know that other meetings are canceled all over for the same reasons. Maintaining meetings in these conditions requires complex infrastructures and high additional costs in order to set up the required "sanitary bubble". In these periods, the sponsors tend to withdraw, while the demand for participation is growing, also in view of the major international events that await the athletes during the next 3 years, up to the Olympic Games in Paris.

The best indoor meetings (eg WCT etc.), which still manage to stay on schedule, sometimes have to do so with a revised and straightforward program and, in any case, by setting up an expensive health security plan. .

The activity of the EAP circuit will therefore start with the summer season. This year, for various reasons beyond our control, we will have a large concentration of meetings in the space of 4-5 weeks. As you can see, most meetings will be proposed from May 22nd and July 2nd.

It will not be easy, in some cases, to make choices.

Here is the EAP program, to date:

23, Saturday Meeting internazionale Sicily (ITA)
22, Sunday Castiglione della Pescaia (ITA)
28, Saturday Belfast International (NI)
29, Sunday Meeting de Palafrugell (ESP)
02, Thursday Atletica 2000 Meeting, Codroipo (ITA)
04, Saturday Budapest Open Agoston Schulek Memorial (HUN)
07, Tuesday Loughborough – LEAP (UK)
11, Saturday ATLETICAGENEVE, meeting international de Genève (SUI)
11, Saturday Il Gomitolo di lana, meeting internazionale giovanile, Biella (ITA)
14, Tuesday Meeting Arcobaleno AtleticaEuropa, Celle Ligure (ITA)
18, Saturday Meeting européen de Nivelles (BEL)
25+26, Saturday/Sunday International Combined Events Meeting at Hexham (UK)
02, Saturday Malta International Meet (MLT)
27, Saturday Atletica 2000 Meeting, salto con l’asta in Villa Manin, Codroipo (ITA)

Stay healthy, train well, dream always !



Kuldīgas Katrīnas kauss / LAT on January 15 

indoor Amsterdam / NED on January 29.

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